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How Far Can You Go In An Electric Vehicle?

Range anxiety is one of the biggest barriers to leasing an electric car. What if you won’t be able to get to a charge point before your battery runs out? Is owning an electric car impractical?

In this article, you’ll find out:

  • How long most electric cars can go between charges
  • Why real-world range is more than sufficient for most needs

How far can you go in an electric vehicle?

Range anxiety is the fear that your electric vehicle won’t get you where you’re going, because you can’t travel far enough to reach charge points or your destination. In the early days of electric vehicles, range anxiety was understandable. Modern electric cars, however, achieve real-world range figures that make them both practical to own and cheap to run.

Choose a real-world range that suits your needs

Like any car purchase, leasing an electric vehicle should be done according to your needs. You wouldn’t lease a city car to do regular long motorway journeys. When you lease an electric car, you’ll find their real-world ranges reflect the purpose of the vehicle.

The Renault Zoe, for example, has a real-world range of 190 miles (in cool to mild weather). That’s ample for nipping around town on a weekly basis, and with a 7kW wall-mounted charger thrown in as standard you get speedy home charging when you need it.

At the other end of the spectrum, the luxurious (and ludicrously fast) Tesla Model S claims 393 miles maximum range. These industry-leading figures come courtesy of gigantic batteries, which will take a whopping 30 hours to charge using a three-pin socket at home. You’ll need an official wall box to charge in sensible time. You can also make use of Tesla’s nationwide network of ‘superchargers’—available at motorway service stations, supermarkets and shopping centres—to get an 80 % charge in just 30 minutes.

What about a family car?

Leasing an electric car isn’t just about teeny-weeny city cars or jaw-dropping luxury sports models. The choice for families gets better with every new number plate. The Kia e-Niro is a great example of a family-sized SUV that gets range just right. The What Car? website found that the e-Niro managed a very comfortable 253 miles between charges. That’s more than enough to cope with a week of school runs and/or commuting, with range to spare for a trip out at the weekend.

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