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First Time Leasing

What Car Leasing is committed to finding you the best possible vehicle leasing deal, tailored specifically to meet your needs. Whether you are looking for a business or personal lease, there will be offers available to your area that will help you find the best lease to fit your requirements.

Why should I use What Car? Leasing to find vehicle leasing deals?

What Car? Leasing only deals with main franchised dealerships from all around the UK that advertise their best deals on our website. Our site is designed to make the process of choosing your vehicle easy and understandable. By simply entering your postcode and selecting some search terms, our website will display offers from dealerships advertising in your area. If you request a quote on a deal then the dealership will contact you directly with a quotation tailored to your specific requirements and you can chose your initial payment amount, contract length and mileage.

Why should I Lease a Vehicle?

Leasing allows you to replace your vehicle with a brand-new model every 2-4 years and you have a fixed monthly payment for the term of the lease. For a breakdown of the pros and cons of leasing a vehicle click here to see our Should I Lease or Buy a Vehicle? guide.

Deals are normally calculated over a 2 year, 3 year or 4 year period and these deals would be advertised as 3+23 or 3+35 contracts, this works with 3 payments in advance then 23 payments or 35 payments over the rest of the term (you will also see 6+23 & 6+35 deals in the search results). The monthly payment is determined by the type of vehicle, length of contract and mileage allowance chosen. For more on how this works check out our What Does 3+35 Mean? page.

You can request quotations on alternative terms and mileage direct to the dealership.

Mileage Allowance

The most common annual mileages advertised on What Car? Leasing for all deals are 8,000 or 10,000 miles per year, but you can request a quotation on a lower or higher mileage term.

Annual mileage allowance is agreed prior to the commencement of the contract and is subject to additional charges should the agreed amount of miles be exceeded. Mileage allowance is calculated over the contract term and any excess mileage will be billed at the end of the contract. The cost of excess mileage can vary between finance companies but will be clearly displayed before commencement of your contract. For more on how Excess mileages work, click here.

Types of Leasing Deals

Personal Contract Hire (PCH). Advertised prices are including VAT and is the best choice when you are using the car for personal use or have a vehicle allowance through your employment.

Business Contract Hire (BCH). Advertised prices are exclusive of VAT and is a better option for business users as this allows VAT to be re-claimed during the term of your lease, this is called 'blocked VAT', but your company must be VAT registered.

Credit Check

Once you have chosen your preferred vehicle, you will be required to complete a credit check and declare personal information i.e. name, address, employment details and level of income. This will be sent to you via the dealership and can be completed online. The dealership will then submit your application to the Finance Company where they will determine whether you are eligible to continue with the lease. Occasionally the finance company will request additional information to support your application such as bank statements.

All our dealerships adhere to a strict confidential data process to ensure your identity and personal information is protected.

The vehicle with regards to both business contract hire and personal contract hire will belong to the finance company and be registered to the finance company, you will be the registered keeper of the vehicle.

Administration Fees

Some dealerships may charge an administration fee that is payable upfront. This will be clearly stated within the quotation details.


Some of the lease deals may come with free UK delivery arranged by the dealership and can be delivered to your doorstep or choice of location. Some dealerships may only provide free delivery within a certain radius but this will be clearly stated within the dealership information.


Your lease vehicle is covered by exactly the same manufacturer-backed warranty as a fully purchased car. This allows for any non-consumable parts that go wrong within this period to be replaced at your local dealership free of charge. (Please refer to your documentation to check what is covered in your warranty)

Many car warranties are provided for three years so dependent on the length of your contract you will be covered for the duration of your lease unless you have taken a longer length contract. This should however be checked with the dealership as manufacturer's warranty periods can vary.

Maintenance Packages

The option to purchase maintenance packages with your lease vehicle are available with all of the dealerships on our website and will cover the servicing costs for the length of your contract. (Please speak direct to the dealership for pricing information and what is covered in the maintenance package).

It will be your responsibility to have the car serviced in line with the manufacturer service intervals.

Tax and MOT

Personal and Business Contract Hire agreements may also include road tax as part of the leasing costs. (Please check with the dealership to confirm this).

All lease cars are brand new so you won't require a MOT certificate until the car is three years old, therefore dependent on the length of your contract, you will not need to obtain one unless you have taken a longer length contract.


Insurance is not included within your lease contract. You will be required to contact your preferred insurance company to arrange cover. In the case of an accident you will contact your insurance provider in the usual way.

When the Contract Ends

At the end of the contract you simply hand the car back ensuring it is returned in a roadworthy condition without any internal or external damage other than usual wear and tear (please see the wear and tear guide for further information). Any damage to a lease vehicle must be repaired before the contract ends as additional costs may be charged to cover any necessary repairs.

Should you wish to take another lease, we recommend commencement 3 months before returning your current lease car.

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