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What Are Leasing Contract Lengths?

When you lease a car you need to lease for a particular length of time, this is how this differs from car rental. Most of the time the contract length will be given as an amount of months before you can give the vehicle back. Contract hire and personal contract hire contracts are often based on either 2 or 3 years however 4 years are now also becoming popular.

Occasionally 1 year and 18 month contracts may be available but these aren't the norm and are only occasionally available.

When a deal is advertised as 3+35 this would refer to a 3 year contract. Your contract will consist of 36 monthly payments. If for example the car was advertised as 200 per month on a 3+35 contract this means in month 1 you will pay 600 (3x200) as explained in the Initial payments section - and you will pay 200 a month in the remaining 35 months.

Usually you will find the longer the contract length the lower the monthly rental, however this is not always the case.

2 and 3 year contracts are sometimes a more popular choice as this means the car is less than 3 years old and therefore doesn't need an MOT, it will however still need to be serviced in line with the manufacturers' recommendations.

If a vehicle is advertised on a contract length this doesn't mean that is all that is available, please contact the dealer advertising the offer and request a quote on the length of contract that is more suited to your personal needs. If you find a deal you like but want it on a different contract length then you can specify this on our Get A Quote form.

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