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Chevrolet AVEO Hatchback Owner reviews

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LS 5dr

  • Overall verdict 1/5
  • What it's like to drive 2/5
  • Running costs 1/5
  • Quality 1/5
  • Average MPG 38 mpg

I bought this car 7 days ago. I have just raided long term savings to settle the finance and rid me of this truly awful car. I drive professionally and am used to setting up a wide variety of seats in various vehicle and have never been as uncomfortable as I was with the seat in the Aveo. I am now suffering agonising back pain after driving the Aveo just 360 miles. There are no redeeming features to a journey this vehicle. The sound system has no guts and will not decode MP3 encoding if it is beyond normal CD density of 25-30 tracks. Fuel costs are closer to Β£15.00/100 miles. I traded a low mileage Perodua Kenari for the Aveo but the Kenari had more charm and pleasure than the Aveo which is as desireable as athlete's foot. I therefore nominate the Chevrolet Aveo as the worlds worst car...ever

Stuart Moon, Devon, March 29th 2011

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