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Chevrolet Spark Owner reviews

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i LS 5dr

  • Overall verdict 3/5
  • What it's like to drive 4/5
  • Running costs 3/5
  • Quality 4/5
  • Average MPG 45.46 mpg

I really like this car. I was driving a 2001 Fiat Punto 3dr before so I guess I would be happy with anything. So where to begin? I have now had the car for a week and a halk and I drive the lowest model for a 1.2. It has air conditioning and a very lovely spacious cabin. There is a lot of leg room for rear seated passengers more in my opinion than others in this category. The dashboard is easy to look at and the lights that come opn at night are very pretty. Seats are comfortable for me asa I have a back condition and find this extremely comfortable to drive. Everything seems well built even down to the temperature controls. they don't feel like I could pull them off like other cars I looked at in this price range. The boot isn't massive but the advantage of being able to fold the rear seats flat is a bonus. Driving the car is lovely, it's got a lot of road noise but it handles well and can keep up with other cars on the motorway as much as you'd expect out of any 1.2l car. Going round corners the car leans a little but nothing to worry about. If you are going round corners to quickly anyway then the lean will be worse. But at the speed limits this is just part of the ride that everybody I have driven in it has enjoyed.

Richard Webb, Kent, December 11th 2013

i 5dr

  • Overall verdict 1/5
  • What it's like to drive 3/5
  • Running costs 1/5
  • Quality 2/5
  • Average MPG 54 mpg

We have owned our Spark from new, and it has covered less than 24,000 miles and has full service history from the supplying dealership. This summer the car started to develop a major misfire (Engine management lamp illuminated), leaving the car almost un-driveable. Dealer was contacted and they told us to drive it to them for inspection. The dealer kept the car a whole week, during which time they diagnosed a failed injector, which they replaced. Even though still within warranty this fault was declared not covered and we had to pay for diagnostics, component, and labour. 1 /2 tank of fuel later the problem returned, leaving my wife stranded on a major motorway, with a 3 mile walk to the nearest exit. Against our better Judgement we returned the car to the dealership once more....Once more diagnostics indicated that an injector needed replacing, once again we had to shell out for replacements and labour as the warranty did not cover the fault. 1/2 tank of fuel later the problem returned We have lost confidence in our little car, and more importantly the Chevrolet brand.

Jon Powell, Essex, October 29th 2013

i LT 5dr

  • Overall verdict 2/5
  • What it's like to drive 2/5
  • Running costs 2/5
  • Quality 3/5
  • Average MPG 45 mpg

I drove this car as part of a purchasing 'test drive.' The sales person was keen to make the most of the cars ability and was scathing about my comparisons with my wifes i10. Simple things like a clutch rest in the i10 make it more comfortable to drive on a trip. I managed to find a fast road with a steep climb on it and this showed up the slight short comings of the engine's performance and the noise it makes getting up a 850' rise in just under a mile. Downhill was more composed and I followed this with a section of unclassified but smooth road again with a climb but on a gentler gradient allowing the testing of the engines flexibility which was better and sounded less fraught. The ride was fair and without any unpleasant crashing and banging over the odd drain cover or worn shoulder. Overall the Spark is reasonable, it will keep the rain off and get you to work; but so does a bus. How it will weather in the medium term remains to be seen. For less money you can have the much better and more economical i10, and for the moment that is where the smart money is spent if the number on the road are a measure of their popularity.

Stuart Moon, Devon, April 1st 2011

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