Used Chrysler Crossfire Coupe 2003 - 2008 review

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Chrysler Crossfire Coupe (03 - 08)
  • Chrysler Crossfire Coupe (03 - 08)
  • Chrysler Crossfire Coupe (03 - 08)

Ownership cost

What used Chrysler Crossfire coupe will I get for my budget?

How much does it cost to run a Chrysler Crossfire coupe?

That 3.2 V6 has a real appetite for petrol and it also pushes up insurance bills - group 15 for the standard 3.2 and 19 for the SRT6. They achieve average fuel economy of just 25.7mpg and 22.7mpg respectively, and that's with a manual gearbox. Bargain on a couple of mpg less if you're looking at a car with an auto transmission.

Servicing comes around every year or 12,000 miles, which is sooner than for most rivals, but main dealer charges are reasonable for a big-engined sports coupe. The Crossfire is rare and complex, so it is best to stick with Chrysler dealers for work, or at least sports car specialists. Spare parts are expensive and tyres notably so. A set of good quality replacements won't leave much change from £1000.