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Dodge Nitro 4x4 Owner reviews

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  • Overall verdict 2/5
  • What it's like to drive 3/5
  • Running costs 2/5
  • Quality 2/5
  • Average MPG 26 mpg

I have owned two Nitros. I purchased my first one in January 08 and only owned it for a week before the engine started to miss badly. I took it back to the service centre who had it for over 3 weeks without resolving the missing problem. The engine was missing so badly that I couldnt overtake safely. Damiler Chrysler told me to reject the vehicle and they gave me an upgrade to a Dodge Nitro SXT 5 speed manual. I was absolutely thrilled to pieces until on my way home with the vehicle out of the showroom with 8 miles on the clock it started missing - I couldnt believe it. Much tooing and froing took place including a visit from Chrysler UK Chief Engineer, UK After Sales Manager and Chief Engineer from VM in Italy the problem was getting so bad that I couldnt drive the vehicle in traffic when the ambient temperature was high. They admitted that there had been others and they felt that the problem was a software 'hole'. They couldnt fix it and again they took the vehicle back. They continue to sell these vehicles knowing that there is an engine/software problem!!!!! I would never buy another Dodge!!

Jayne Benwell, Bucks, February 18th 2009


  • Overall verdict 3/5
  • What it's like to drive 3/5
  • Running costs 2/5
  • Quality 4/5
  • Average MPG 0 mpg

We bought our Nitro from the Dodge dealer in Aberdeen and they were excellent throughout the process. We purchased this car as we wanted something different (after 3 years with an OK but oh so dull and unreliable VW Touran), needed a tow car for my rally car and it offered value for money in terms of standard kit. We looked at a lot of 4x4s with the main issue with the others being the bland looks of most of them. We have now had the car for a month and are very pleased with it. We have found it to be not nearly as bad as the reviews would suggest. Yes the ride is a tad bouncy and it is thirsty (28mpg to date) but otherwise we have found that the car handles quite well with direct steering with a very good turning circle for a car of this size. Although the engine is a bit gruff at low speed when at higher speeds it is smooth and quiet. We also find the interior of a better quality that that suggested with so far none of the trim rattles that were evident in the Touran from almost day 1. Time will tell if we remain satisfied with the car but so far we are pleased that we took a risk on purchasing it despite the reviews !

kevin maciver, aberdeenshire, May 11th 2008

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