Used Fiat Coupe 1995 - 2001 review

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Our recommendations

Which used Fiat Coupe coupe should I buy?

The good news is that all Coupes handle well and are great fun to drive. The Turbos can spin the front wheels in tighter corners, but only if the driver is clumsy with the throttle.

The ultimate Coupe is the 2.0 20v Turbo thanks to its 220bhp five-cylinder engine, which gained a six-speed gearbox halfway through its life. Performance is very strong, with a 0-60mph time of around six seconds and a top speed of 155mph, which makes the Fiat Coupe one of the most affordable fast cars on the market. The non-turbocharged 16v model is the slowest of the bunch but still makes a good choice. It's cheaper to run and insure and is capable of 30.0mpg economy. The 16v Turbo uses a four-cylinder engine and is a bit more manic than the five-cylinder that replaced it. It also misses the later engine's thumping mid-range overtaking power and is reckoned to be less reliable.