Used Ford C-Max 2007 - 2011 review

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Section: Ownership cost

2007 - 2011 review
Ford C-Max (07 - 11)
  • Ford C-Max (07 - 11)
  • Ford C-Max (07 - 11)
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Ownership cost

What used Ford C-Max MPV will I get for my budget?

How much does it cost to run a Ford C-Max MPV?

Petrol models are generally cheaper to buy, but the diesels have better resale values. The two 1.6- and the 1.8-litre petrol models deliver 40.9mpg, 39.8mpg and 35.3mpg respectively. The diesels are far more economical: with the less powerful 1.6-litre 60.1mpg, the more-powerful 58.8mpg, the 1.8-litre 52.3mpg and the 2.0-litre 49.5mpg.

Road tax and insurance aren't steep, unless you buy a 2.0-litre petrol model, which emits 189g/km of CO2 and sits in insurance group 12.

Depreciation is steep for the C-Max, making them a potentially good used buy, as long as you don't spend too much in the first place. Diesel models are slightly more expensive to service than petrol ones, but Ford garages aren't usually extortionate when it comes to labour rates.