Used Ford Edge Hatchback (16-present)

Used Ford Edge Hatchback 2016-present review

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What should I look for in a used Ford Edge hatchback?

Some Ford Edge owners have reported problems with the power steering on their cars, caused by a troublesome sensor. This can result in the steering going light or heavy, even while the car is driving along, so make sure you pay attention to the way the steering feels on the test drive, and if it feels odd in any way or the steering warning light has come on, walk away.

Because the Edge is still relatively new, it’s no surprise that we haven’t heard of any further common faults as yet. However, we’ve heard of a couple of build quality issues from owners, so it’s worth checking your prospective purchase over carefully to make sure there are no wobbly bits of plastic or dicky electrics.

Edges made before February 2016 and fitted with adaptive LED headlights were subject to a recall to fix a possible problem that could cause the headlights to turn off without warning. If you’re buying an Edge that matches this description, therefore, it’s worth finding out whether the fix has been carried out, or getting it done at your local Ford dealer if you decide to buy the car.

Used Ford Edge Hatchback (16-present)

What are the most common problems with a used Ford Edge hatchback?

Is a used Ford Edge hatchback reliable?

Although we don’t have any model-specific data for the Edge itself, Ford’s cars generally did well in our 2017 reliability survey, with the manufacturer coming ninth overall in the league table of 32 manufacturers included.

If you’d like to read more of the What Car? Reliability Survey, you can do so here.


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