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(2006 - 2015)
Used Ford Galaxy MPV 06 -15
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What should I look for in a used Ford Galaxy MPV?

The Galaxy is a large car so it's worth checking the extremities of the car closely for any damage to the bodywork picked up in supermarket car parks. Check the alloy wheels carefully for kerb damage, and make sure all electrical goodies work as they should. Also check the operation of all the seats and the rear tailgate.

The Galaxy shares much of its design with the contemporary S-Max, so many of the reported problems are the same. However, so far it appears that Galaxy owners are overall happier with their cars. The S-Max was known to make a mysterious clunking noise from the steering column, and the same problem has been reported in the earlier Galaxys, and although dealers can fix it, it often returns. There are also reports of power-steering pumps failing. Electrical gremlins are also reported, with the alarm system being singled out as a reoccurring fault. Poorly fitting cabin trim and questionable build quality are frequently reported, along with door seals that refuse to stay in place.

So far, there have been a few recalls that concern the Galaxy, but the most important cover overly stiff brake pedals and diesel engines cutting out. Cars should have been recalled to address these, but get a franchised dealer to confirm that any model you're looking at has had the work done.

Reliability doesn't appear to be a huge problem, although check older cars carefully. Ford as a brand finished ninth in our most recent reliability survey, out of a total of 32 manufacturers. The latest Galaxy did well in the same survey, and the smaller B-Max and C-Max MPVs also finished up at the top of the class.


Used Ford Galaxy MPV 06 -15

What are the most common problems with a used Ford Galaxy MPV?

Is a used Ford Galaxy MPV reliable?

Used Ford Galaxy MPV 06 -15
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