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Used Ford Mustang 2015-present review


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What alternatives should I consider to a used Ford Mustang coupe?

What to compare with a Mustang? Well, the Mercedes-AMG C63 is a hairy-chested muscle car in the old-school tradition, being awesome fun to drive, and if you find an S model even more powerful than the Mustang. It sounds epic, too, and is as easy to drive as any old C-Class. It’s much more expensive than the Mustang, though. 

Likewise the BMW M4 is much more expensive. It’s a great car, though, with a terrific engine and superb performance. It can corner at high speeds, too. Find a good used one and you’ll save some money, but it won’t be as cheap to buy as our Ford ‘pony’ car. 

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Ford Mustang
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The Ford Mustang more than lives up to its iconic status, thanks to its epic soundtrack

  • Ace V8 soundtrack
  • Cheaper than rivals
  • Plenty of grip
  • Tight rear room
  • Visibility
  • Feels heavy