Ford Scorpio Saloon

Used Ford Scorpio Saloon 1995 - 1998 review

Ownership cost
(1995 - 1998)
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What used Ford Scorpio saloon will I get for my budget?

How much does it cost to run a Ford Scorpio saloon?

No Scorpio is that easy on fuel. Even the 2.5 TD can manage only an average of about 35mpg.

Our preferred model, the 2.9 Cosworth V6, should give about 25mpg with sensible driving, while the other petrol models hover around 30mpg.

The petrols go for 10,000 miles between services, the diesels 6000, and the Scorpio can be serviced by any decent independent garage, so it shouldn't cost too much.

Most parts are reasonably cheap, too, although there is a lot to go wrong on high-spec cars - but you probably won't have to worry about that if you choose your car wisely.

Whatver you choose, you'll be looking at a high-ish insurance bill: group 13-16 for the Cosworth V6; group 15 for the 2.3 petrol and 2.5 TD; group 12-13 for the 2.0s.

You should still be quids in, though, because the Scorpio is dead cheap to buy and that biggest running expense - depreciation - is virtually nil now.