Used Honda Accord Hatchback 1998 - 2003 review

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(1998 - 2003)
Used Honda Accord Hatchback 1998 - 2003
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What should I look for in a used Honda Accord hatchback?

Providing it gets the costly servicing it demands at the recommended 9000-mile intervals, an Accord should run and run.

It is one of the most dependable of all cars, highly praised in the JD Power Customer Satisfaction Survey and taking a regular slot in the top 10 of the What Car? Reliability Index.

Owners sing its praises, one telling how his car ran faultlessly for the three years he owned it, needing no more than servicing and a couple of bulbs replacing. They are the minicab drivers' car of choice for good reason.

The engine and transmission seldom give trouble, although the oil level in the Type-R needs watching because it drops with use. All Accords thrive on frequent driving. Exhausts rot through within a couple of years if the cars are used only for short hops and the brake discs rust, too.

What are the most common problems with a used Honda Accord hatchback?

Is a used Honda Accord hatchback reliable?