Used Honda Civic Type R 2017-present review

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Used Honda Civic Type R (2017-present)
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What should I look for in a used Honda Civic Type R hatchback?

These are cars that are built to be thrashed, so it’s no problem if it has been, but look for signs of careful ownership – such as an owner who allows the car to warm up before using full throttle.

Some owners have reported issues with the gearbox graunching when changing between first and second gears. Honda maintains that there isn’t an issue, but it’s still worth checking; and it might be worth avoiding any car exhibiting this symptom, just in case it’s a sign of bigger problems down the line.

Those low bumpers and skirts are easy to damage on low kerbs, so check them carefully for splits and scrapes. And check, too, that the huge rear spoiler hasn’t been damaged by a garage or car park roof; look for scrapes along the top corners and edges.

Always look for evidence of meticulous maintenance, too – stamps in the book are a good sign, but a stack of invoices to go with them are even better.

What are the most common problems with a used Honda Civic Type R hatchback?

Is a used Honda Civic Type R hatchback reliable?

Our reliability data focuses on the Civic as a whole, but if that’s anything to go by, the signs are good. In our latest reliability survey, the Civic scored 91.5% – a very impressive result. Honda as a whole has a sterling reputation for reliability, too, so there should be little to fear.

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