Used Honda Civic Type R 2017-present review

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Used Honda Civic Type R (2017-present)
  • Used Honda Civic Type R (2017-present)
  • Used Honda Civic Type R (2017-present)
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Ownership cost

What used Honda Civic Type R hatchback will I get for my budget?

The Civic Type R is a bit of a stunner to look at and to drive so you’ll need to fork out at least £23,000 to get yourself behind the wheel of one; perhaps slightly less if you can find a high-mileage standard model. This would be for one of the earlier cars - budget on around £25,000 and upwards for 2018 models, and nearer £30,000 still for 2019 ones. 

How much does it cost to run a Honda Civic Type R hatchback?


Hot hatches are by their very nature more expensive to run than their more docile stablemates, and by these standards the Civic Type R’s no more expensive, with fuel consumption figures, as measured under the older official NEDC tests, roughly on a par with its rivals. It’s also pleasing to note that, out in the real world, the Civic Type R actually gets remarkably close to matching those figures – a rare feat in this day and age. In our True MPG test it managed a remarkably good 35.1mpg, which is actually better than its latest official WLTP figure of 33.2mpg. 

Car tax

All Civic Type Rs will cost £145 a year in road tax, the current flat rate for VED. Just make sure you don’t run the risk of paying the higher-rate tax band if a car that had many options added when new sneaked over the £40,000 list price threshold. At this point you'll pay a supplementary luxury car tax for five years, and it's currently £320 a year. 


Servicing costs aren’t the cheapest around, but neither are they the most expensive. And if you buy a Civic Type R that’s less than eight months old and with less than 8000 miles on the clock, Honda will let you purchase a pre-paid service plan that helps to keep servicing costs down over the course of the next five years (if you’re buying an older or higher-mileage car, it pays to seek out an example whose first owner has purchased such a plan).

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Used Honda Civic Type R (2017-present)
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