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(2015 - 2017)
Used BMW M135i vs Honda Civic Type R
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What should I look for in a used Honda Civic Type R hatchback?

A Type R will obviously have been used enthusiastically, so check the bodywork for scuffs and dents. It’s also worth going over those handsome alloy wheels with a fine toothcomb as well, to check for any kerb damage. Check the low bumpers and skirts for any damage, too, as these ride low, and it’s worth having a look at the rear wing, to make sure it hasn’t been damaged or come into contact with anything.

Reported problems are few, and the Civic on which the Type R is based had a good reliability record. Some owners have complained about fuel pump starvation issues on their Type R, and others about a crunching noise when changing from first to second gear. It’s worth checking brake pads (and even discs) closely too, as cars that have been used on track days tend to wear these items out fairly quickly.

Always look for evidence of meticulous maintenance, too – stamps in the book are a good sign, but a stack of invoices to go with them is even better.

Honda as a brand finished in a rather disappointing 15th place out of 32 manufacturers in our most recent reliability survey, this for cars from one to four years old. For cars over four years old, Honda finished in a more respectable third place.

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Used test: BMW M135i vs Honda Civic Type R

What are the most common problems with a used Honda Civic Type R hatchback?

Is a used Honda Civic Type R hatchback reliable?

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