Used Honda HR-V Hatchback 2015-present review

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Used Honda HR-V Hatchback (15-present)
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Which used Honda HR-V hatchback should I buy?

Its breathlessness is a pain, but we’d still choose the 1.5-litre petrol version of the Honda HR-V over the diesel. You’ll have to work it hard when you want to move quickly, but the rest of the time its comparative smoothness makes it preferable, and it’s cheaper to buy. You shouldn’t have any trouble finding one, either, since roughly a third of HR-Vs are equipped with this engine.

If you’re buying on a budget, an S model will do you just fine, but otherwise we’d upgrade to SE, which is not only the most ubiquitous HR-V but also the best value.

Our favourite Honda HR-V 1.5 i-VTEC SE

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Used Honda HR-V Hatchback (15-present)
Used Honda HR-V Hatchback (15-present)
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