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Honda INSIGHT Hatchback Owner reviews

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IMA SE Hybrid 5dr CVT

  • Overall verdict 1/5
  • What it's like to drive 1/5
  • Running costs 2/5
  • Quality 4/5
  • Average MPG 52 mpg

Inside the cabin, this is a pretty comfortable car and feels like a nice environment. Unfortunately, this can't make up for how it drives - the brakes are very unresponsive, the handling is extremely vague and you never seem to have a great grip on the road. I could never recommend purchasing one of these, it feels so much worse than even the cheapest cars I've driven - worse than any other car I've driven!

Sarah Thomas, July 17th 2013

i Hybrid Electric 3dr

  • Overall verdict 5/5
  • What it's like to drive 5/5
  • Running costs 5/5
  • Quality 5/5
  • Average MPG 0 mpg

Driving for economy whilst still keeping up with the flow can bring me over 100mpg. Best trip mpg to date, 56mph with the trucks in Lane 1, brought 103.8mpg Oxford to Gravesend. Roadholding excellent, especially if you want to play. Have seen (overseas) a 96mph/104 mile dash return 67.7mpg. On the motorway it can easily keep up with the flow but does need rpm and plenty of gearchanges to get the best from it. Wind noise seems the same at 40mph as it is at 114mph. Best fun of all is on the motorway, where limited 'open' distances coupled with some anticipation and plenty of revs can ruin the day of even the biggest poseur who can't seem to outrun its 3 cylinders and 900-odd cc. Buy it to avoid being one of the sheep in the flock, to help reduce emissions, to avoid the Congestion charge, to fleece Blair and Brown on VED and with the taxman, and most of all, buy it to have fun and save a fortune in fuel costs!

Mark Newby, Oxfordshire, January 22nd 2005

i Hybrid Electric 3dr

  • Overall verdict 5/5
  • What it's like to drive 4/5
  • Running costs 5/5
  • Quality 4/5
  • Average MPG 0 mpg

I have owned one for 6 months now and averaged 68.8mpg over all types of driving and 7500 miles. The car is great on all roads and motorway use is very good. There have been no problems at all. Road tax is only Β£65 a year and a tank full costs only Β£25 and goes 550 miles plus. Its comfortable on long trips as well as short ones.

Arthur Cobill, West Yorkshire, December 1st 2004

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