Used Honda Jazz Hatchback 2001 - 2008 review

Category: Small car

Section: Ownership cost

2001 - 2008 review
Honda Jazz Hatchback (01 - 08)
  • Honda Jazz Hatchback (01 - 08)
  • Honda Jazz Hatchback (01 - 08)
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Ownership cost

What used Honda Jazz hatchback will I get for my budget?

How much does it cost to run a Honda Jazz hatchback?

You'll have to stump up a fair stash of cash to get hold of one.

For the same money, you can have your pick of many younger superminis, but you get what you pay for, because the Jazz is a hugely practical, reliable and stylish little motor. It's good value and will depreciate more slowly than most rivals.

Notice the word 'reliable'. That means you shouldn't have any unexpected expense on repairs. However, servicing isn't cheap. The Ford Fiesta, Renault Modus and Toyota Yaris will all cost less to maintain and even a Mercedes A-Class won't be much dearer.

Still, insurance won't hurt your wallet - a gentle group three for all but the top-trim 1.4, which is group four.

It's easy on fuel, too - the 1.2 will manage just over 50 miles per gallon unless you're stuck in town, and the 1.4 is only a couple of miles short of that.