Honda Jazz Hatchback (01 - 08)

Used Honda Jazz Hatchback 2001 - 2008 review

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(2001 - 2008)
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Which used Honda Jazz hatchback should I buy?

Unless you're desperate for the 1.2 petrol version, you're better off looking at the 1.4 petrol.

There's nothing wrong with the 1.2 itself - it's our recommendation if you're buying new - but there are very few on the used market.

Go for the 1.4 and you'll have a far wider choice. It's hardly any thirstier than the 1.2 and gives a welcome extra turn of speed.

Avoid any cars built before spring 2003, because that's when the suspension was revised to take the edge off the stiff ride. There was a facelift in 2004 - a tidy-up outside and extra kit inside.

Entry-level S trim is modest (CD player, electric front windows, central locking), so buy an SE model for its air-con and, on later cars, alloy wheels. Top trim SE Sport (later just 'Sport') has climate control.

Honda dealers have the best younger cars, but independent traders and classifieds are good for older models.