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CRDi [136] Blue Drive Style 5dr

  • Overall verdict 2/5
  • What it's like to drive 2/5
  • Running costs 1/5
  • Quality 4/5
  • Average MPG 45 mpg

Crash, Bang, Wallop is how I'd describe the ride comfort. It's very poor on anything other than near perfect tarmac and that's as rare as hen's teeth nowadays. The handling is also poor, you cannot feel anything at all, all very frustrating. It's other faults are dreadfully poor headlights, I thought I'd gone blind when I first used them in anger. The gearbox ratio's are just wrong, asking for 6th at 35mph, refusing to pull away on tick over, it then stalls in a huff instead and then when you notch it into 1st, you run out of puff at 8mph unless you like booming noisy engines screaming for another gear. It's like it's been designed by someone who hates driving. Then if you open the tailgate after its been raining prepared to be showered by the poor drain channels on the tailgate, again lack of design thought. Now the good bits, its does look good, the boot is a good size and shape plus the dash is 1980's computer game blue. The electric door mirrors are good. Although to buy a Β£22,000 car based on these points is stupid. Forget the bling, make the car decent to drive and people buy them.

Stephen Winter, Tyne and Wear, March 21st 2014

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