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Passenger & boot space
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Passenger & boot space

How it copes with people and clutter

If you need a big boot, the Kona Electric isnt the car for you. We managed to squeeze just four carry-on suitcases into the shallow load bay, whereas the rival Renault Zoe can swallow six cases and the Nissan Leaf seven.

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You do get 60/40 split-folding rear seats for those occasions you need to carry more, though, and, when folded down, the Konas seatbacks lie flat and flush with the boot floor. Theres no lip to speak of at the boot entrance, either.

Rear passenger space isnt anything to write home about, although a couple of six-footers will fit in the back. Anyone taller will probably notice his or her head brushing the ceiling, something thats also true in the rival Leaf, although that car has considerably more rear leg room.

You won't complain about the amount of space in the front, though – even if you are well over six feet tall.

Hyundai Kona Electric
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