Used Hyundai Santa Fe 4x4 2001 - 2006 review

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2001 - 2006 review
Hyundai Santa Fe 4x4 (01 - 06)
  • Hyundai Santa Fe 4x4 (01 - 06)
  • Hyundai Santa Fe 4x4 (01 - 06)
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Our recommendations

Which used Hyundai Santa Fe 4x4 should I buy?

The 2.4-litre four-cylinder petrol model is the cheapest of the line-up, but it lacks the easy low-down pull of the others and is too noisy when it's worked hard - as it often has to be. We'd pay the extra for either the 2.7 V6 petrol or 2.0-litre turbodiesel.

The V6 has a strong 170bhp and makes a satisfying growl as the revs rise, but that is nicely subdued once you're at a steady motorway cruise. However, its 25mpg makes it suitable for low-mileage drivers only.

For that reason, the 2.0 turbodiesel is our choice. Its 115bhp doesn't sound much, but this is backed by a forceful 192lb ft of pull, which is far more important in everyday driving. Fuel economy is decent, as well.

All models are stuffed full of all the creature comforts and safety kit you could want. The V6 even comes with leather trim and an automatic gearbox. Hyundai dealers have a huge selection of good examples, but you'll also find Santa Fes at independent dealers and 4x4 specialists.