Infiniti QX30 review

Performance & drive

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Infiniti QX30
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Performance & drive

What it’s like to drive, and how quiet it is

Infiniti only offers the QX30 with a 2.1-litre diesel engine and a seven-speed automatic gearbox. It’s a decent combination that delivers flexible response and reasonable performance to satisfy in all sorts of traffic manoeuvres, although the gearbox is quite slow to kick down and can also be slow in up shifts.

The QX30 has fairly long suspension travel and a soft set-up, so it’s no surprise that it leans quite a bit through corners. It’ll also lose traction at the front wheels through fast, tight corners a bit earlier than most rivals despite the standard four-wheel drive, although most of the time it feels responsive and grippy enough. The heavy steering also feels pretty artificial, but it is weighted progressively enough to give you confidence. Just don’t expect the QX30 to handle with the same hatchback-like verve as the Audi Q3 or BMW X1, or even the Range Rover Evoque.

Ride comfort, particularly at higher speeds, is very good on the QX30; it’s very settled and relaxing on the motorway. It’s not too bad around town, either, although you do get a fair amount of heave over bigger bumps and it shudders heavily over sharp-edged intrusions.

Refinement is also good, with engine noise particularly well suppressed when it’s in the mid-rev range. The diesel engine does get quite gritty-sounding when it revs hard, though, and wind and particularly tyre noise become quite noticeable at motorway speeds.


Infiniti QX30
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