Supercharged V6 S 2dr Auto

  • Overall verdict4/5
  • What it's like to drive5/5
  • Running costs3/5
  • Quality2/5
  • Average MPG24 mpg

My F-Type story is a tale of two halves. Each morning, I can only imagine I share a similar experience to a pilot; there is an anticipation and exhilaration to jumping in. Press the key to see the door handles appear, watch the beating start button, the steering wheel tilts into place and you feel that this is something special. I've owned various Porsche, Lotus, BMW and the design team at Jaguar have created a feel good product. This car makes you say "Yes!" every time you press the start button. A 911 is clinical by comparison lacking the emotional flare of the F-Type. Unfortunately, I've been let down by poor dealership experiences (small damage on delivery), long delays in parts delivery (1.5 months for a switch) and some product issues; faulty cruise control button, speaker installation resonance, coil/ignition issues and brake vibration. Whilst Jaguar design and marketing is clearly now world class, in my experience the customer support and experience framework both in the dealer network and their own customer service organisation do not measure up to the cars’ potential or even that of lesser brands. Jaguar you are so close. But the out of car experience is as equally motivating to look elsewhere.

Mark Wheeler, Berkshire, February 15th 2014

Supercharged V8 S 2dr Auto

  • Overall verdict5/5
  • What it's like to drive5/5
  • Running costs4/5
  • Quality5/5
  • Average MPG25.5 mpg

Had car since June 2013. Took on 1000-mile trip around Ireland in summer. Simply superb. Words cannot describe how much better this car looks 'in the flesh'. Ride is firm but not harsh. Is easy to drive around town when not in 'dynamic' and then all hell breaks loose once you put dynamic mode AND sport mode on. The power and sheer rate at which the acceleration and speed hits you is hard to describe - but it takes your breath away and forces you to stay focused. The exhaust note is spectacular and extremely addictive. I have the upgraded sound-system but it is rarely used as I just love the sound it makes...but you could easily fall-out-of-favour with your neighbour. Luggage space is limited but we comfortably got three medium sports bags, a laptop case and a large bag of wine and beer into the boot. Can you fit in a hard-sided suitcase - not at all...but pack light and put in squashy bags and it did two of us for a full week of clothes and bits and bobs. I would recommend the sports seats as they are extremely comfortable and supportive. The rag-top is fast and we love that you can open and close it whilst doing less then 30mph. Biggest thing we have noticed is just how many people look at the car, and we have had (no joking) at least 40 people ask if they can look at it, photograph it or sit in it. If you do not like getting attention then avoid this car. For sheer looks, fun and unique/freshness I'd buy one over a 'German' alternative.

Andrew Williamson, Wirral, September 20th 2013

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