Used Jaguar XE 2015 - present review

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Used Jaguar XE 2015 - present
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What used Jaguar XE saloon will I get for my budget?

The earliest Jaguar XEs, from 2015, can now be bought for around £8000 to £10,000 with a higher mileage. Spend just upwards of that for one from an independent dealer, with a full history and an average mileage for the year. These are mostly the 2.0-litre diesel-engined models, although there are a few petrol-engined cars now on the market too, mostly commanding the same price. As mentioned, it is possible to find cheaper XEs, but these are mostly private or supermarket sales and have a mileage in excess of the average. Upping the ante to between £15,000 to £20,000 gets you a low mileage 2016 car with an average or just above average mileage, all with a full history and bought from an independent or franchised dealer. Between £20,000 and £25,000 should net you a clean 2017/2018 car.


Used Jaguar XE 2015 - present

How much does it cost to run a Jaguar XE saloon?

All XEs are well equipped, too, and the lower powered diesel model with a manual gearbox has seriously low CO2 emissions, which makes any car you buy registered before April 2017 cheap to tax. Those registered after that date will pay annual car tax (VED) at the standard rate, currently £145 a year. Beware XEs costing over £40,000 new, as these will attract a supplementary luxury car tax.

Even the more powerful diesel options with an automatic gearbox are impressively economical. There is a four-wheel drive option for the XE, but this naturally takes its toll on economy. Insurance groups range from a reasonable 22 up to 31 for the faster models.

Service intervals for the 2.0 diesel cars are two years or 21,000 miles, which is good news, while the petrol engines need a service every year or 16,000 miles. Fixed-price servicing plans are available that cover the XE for up to five years or 75,000 miles.

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Used Jaguar XE 2015 - present
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