Used Jaguar XK Coupe 1996 - 2006 review

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1996 - 2006 review
Jaguar XK Coupe (96 - 06)
  • Jaguar XK Coupe (96 - 06)
  • Jaguar XK Coupe (96 - 06)
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Ownership cost

What used Jaguar XK coupe will I get for my budget?

How much does it cost to run a Jaguar XK coupe?

What do you think? While running costs aren't quite in the same league as a Ferrari's, routine servicing is expensive, as are spare parts. And, sadly, older XKs tend to need regular repairs.

One way to cut costs is to use a specialist garage rather than pay sky-high main dealer labour rates. You'll find one by joining an enthusiasts' web forum and finding a garage that owners rate highly.

Insurance is expensive, too: the XK8 falls within group 18, and you'll need to contact a specialist to get a - probably much more expensive - quote for an XKR.

To cap it all, these cars guzzle petrol. Officially, the XK8 will manage up to 24.9mpg and the XKR 22.9mpg. However, you'll need to drive very gently to see anywhere near these figures.