Used Jaguar XK Convertible 1996 - 2006 review

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Jaguar XK Convertible (96 - 06)
  • Jaguar XK Convertible (96 - 06)
  • Jaguar XK Convertible (96 - 06)

Our recommendations

Which used Jaguar XK sports should I buy?

Choose between the standard XK8 with its 4.2 V8, auto gearbox and 300bhp, or the XKR, which has a supercharged version of the same engine producing 400bhp. It, too, has an automatic transmission, although it's quite different from the one fitted to the Ôstandard' car, emphasising the car's sporty nature.

All XK8s have wood dashes, leather seats, climate control and everything else you'd expect in a luxury car. Beyond that, many first owners indulged in the long and lavish options' list, so you'll find what's fitted varies considerably from car to car.