Used Kia Sedona MPV 1999 - 2006 review

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1999 - 2006 review
Kia Sedona MPV (99 - 06)
  • Kia Sedona MPV (99 - 06)
  • Kia Sedona MPV (99 - 06)
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Our recommendations

Which used Kia Sedona MPV should I buy?

The 165bhp 2.5 V6 petrol needs to be revved, and performance is only as good as most rivals' 2.0-litre engines - but the thirst is decidedly 2.5 V6.

However, it sounds good and you can pick up a V6 much more more cheaply than the diesel, so it can make financial sense for low-mileage drivers.

Overall, though, the 2.9 CRD diesel is a much better engine. It's noisy, even on motorways, but its stronger mid-range pull means you don't have to work it so hard. It also has a range of over 570 miles per tank.

Both engines come with either a sloppy manual gearbox (which we prefer) or a performance-sapping auto.

All cars have air-con, front electric windows and a CD. LE adds alloy wheels, while SE - our favourite - gives you leather seats, an electric sunroof and automatic wipers, and SE+ adds side steps and reversing sensors.

Hunt down a cared-for example in the classifieds or, safer but dearer, buy from a Kia dealer. MPV specialists are worth a look, too.