Used Kia Sorento 4x4 2003 - 2010 review

Category: Large SUV

Section: Ownership cost

Kia Sorento 4x4 (03 - 10)
  • Kia Sorento 4x4 (03 - 10)
  • Kia Sorento 4x4 (03 - 10)

Ownership cost

What used Kia Sorento 4x4 will I get for my budget?

How much does it cost to run a Kia Sorento 4x4?

The Sorento was rated very highly for its low ownership costs in the JD Power customer satisfaction survey. Chief among those was how little owners had to pay to buy it in the first place - and, once depreciation has taken its toll, a used Sorento is even better value.

More than that, service costs are also very good for a 4x4. The Sorento should be cheaper to maintain than a Hyundai Santa Fe or Jeep Cherokee, and about the same as a Nissan X-Trail.