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CRDi 2 5dr

  • Overall verdict 4/5
  • What it's like to drive 4/5
  • Running costs 5/5
  • Quality 5/5
  • Average MPG 54 mpg

Wanted a small 4x4 type car but without the associated costs. The quirky Soul perfectly fits the bill - raised driving position, easy to get in and out of, plenty of space, super smooth gear changing, good pull uphill, and excellent economy (consistently av 52-55 mpg combined). Onky two minor complaints - brakes are a little soft (just took getting used to) and if you push the car, there's a bit of understeer around corners. Had the car from nearly new (60 reg) and it comes with a hugely reassuring 7 year manufacturer guarantee, which should help it hold it's resale value nicely.

James Northway, Bucks, August 27th 2012

1 5dr

  • Overall verdict 4/5
  • What it's like to drive 5/5
  • Running costs 4/5
  • Quality 3/5
  • Average MPG 40 mpg

Having just swapped my 2011 Honda Civic 1.4 auto for a new Soul 2 1.6CDRI auto i can't express enough how impressed i am! I had to swap because i have a diseased back and it killed me getting in and out of the Civic and i couldn't even get in the passenger seat when i was in too much pain to drive, forcing me to drive whenever my partner and i went out. Additionally going over the very smallest of bumps resulted in me crying in pain. The Soul however couldn't be more different! Its so easy to get in and out of, including the passenger side and i hardly notice any but the highest of bumps so i can certainly recommend the suspension! My model is the desiel auto version which goes like s@#t of a shovel too lol! Unlike the Civic you never feel any gear changes which feels very strange at the moment. Whatcar complain about the stereo system in their review which i find very strange because i think the stereo sounds fantastic, and i play cd's whenever im driving! The stereo system also comes with a USB port for your MP3 player and also includes a port for your Ipod or Iphone and even comes with a dedicated lead for them too! My only complaints are very small: There is very little storage inside with only a small compartment big enough to hold your SatNav on the dash along with drink holders in the centre console. It could also do with cruise control and reverse sensors although there is another version which comes with a very cool reversing camera! Only getting 40mpg, hope

Andrew Stevens, Hampshire, November 25th 2011

CRDi 2 5dr

  • Overall verdict 4/5
  • What it's like to drive 5/5
  • Running costs 4/5
  • Quality 4/5
  • Average MPG 0 mpg

This automatic is my wife's Motability car, which I drive. She finds it easily accessable, whilst I like the driving position. Whether in town, on the open road or the motorway I find it a great car to drive. The stereo system, trip computer and boot are all adequate for our needs, the seats we find very comfortable. The engine is smooth and powerful, in-gear acceleration is great, as is the car's hill climbing ability. I enjoy driving it, and fuel consumption is much much better than our previous Ford Focus 1.6 petrol automatic. We thought very carefully about this car, considering also the Yeti, Roomster, Meriva, 3008, Bipper and Qashqai. Objectively, is the Soul the best of these cars? Who can say? But it seems to fit our needs and purposes, so I reccomend it as well worth considering.

Jim Kitchingman, Wiltshire, June 8th 2011

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