Used Land Rover Discovery 2004-2017 review

Ownership cost

(2004 - 2017)
Land Rover Discovery (04-17)
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What used Land Rover Discovery 4x4 will I get for my budget?

Prices are from around £4000 for the very early 2.7-litre diesel-engined Disco 3 models that have covered large mileages, but we'd recommend trying to spend at least £8000 on a good-condition Discovery. The cheapest, high-mileage 3.0-litre diesels will cost you about £12,000. At the other end of the scale, a 2016 diesel 4 in our favoured HSE spec that has covered an average mileage for the year will set you back just over £30,000. Between lie many and varied Discoverys, in varying condition. Be careful how you buy and where you buy it from, and insist on as much history as you can. 

Land Rover Discovery (04-17)

How much does it cost to run a Land Rover Discovery 4x4?

The bad news is that running costs are hefty. The diesels will only nudge just over 30mpg with gentle driving, while the V8 will struggle to better 20mpg. That’s the price you pay for the Discovery’s 2.7-tonne weight and four-wheel drive.

Tax for the Disco will be based on CO2 emissions so expect large bills there too. Servicing, too, will be pricey compared with a BMW X5, although the Discovery is no more expensive than a Mercedes M-Class in this regard.

Only insurance gives your wallet some respite. The Discovery is in groups 33 to 42, making it cheaper than both of its aforementioned German rivals.


Land Rover Discovery (04-17)
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