Used Land Rover Range Rover 2002 - 2013 review

Ownership cost

(2002 - 2013)
Range Rover (02 - 13)
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Ownership cost

What used Land Rover Range Rover 4x4 will I get for my budget?

Prices start at about £4500 for early cars that have covered huge miles, but these are quite literally likely to be more trouble than they’re worth.

You’ll need to up your budget to about £13,000 to get our favourite engine, the SDV8, while the newest examples, built in 2013, are still likely to set you back by as much as £40,000.

Range Rover (02 - 13)

How much does it cost to run a Land Rover Range Rover 4x4?

Don’t kid yourself into thinking that you can run a Range Rover on a tight budget. If the purchase price is going to stretch you, you’re really going to struggle, because the running costs are steep as well.

The only solace is that a well cared for example with a decent spec will hold its value well, so you’ll resell it quickly for a good price.

Service costs are pretty hefty because this is a complex bit of kit, and you shouldn’t skimp on looking after: that would be a false economy. Expect to spend a little less on servicing than you would with a Porsche Cayenne, but more than with a Audi Q7, BMW X5 or Lexus RX.

Insurance won’t be cheap, and fuel economy mpg figures will be in the high-20s at best for diesels and high-teens for V8 petrols.


Range Rover (02 - 13)
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