Used Lexus GS Saloon 2005 - 2012 review

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2005 - 2012 review
Lexus GS Saloon (05 - 12)
  • Lexus GS Saloon (05 - 12)
  • Lexus GS Saloon (05 - 12)
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Our recommendations

Which used Lexus GS saloon should I buy?

Go for the cheapest model. There's not as much of a difference as you'd think between the 3.0 V6 and the 4.3 V8, and the smaller engine suits the car's relaxed nature best.

Alternatively, the petrol-electric hybrid GS450h teams a 286bhp petrol engine with a 190bhp electric one. It's a clever device and amazingly rapid, but its 35.8mpg overall isn't frugal enough to make it sensibly eco-friendly, or even sensible.

There are two trim levels - standard and SE - but even the basic models hardly short-change you, with electric front seats, headlamps that swivel with the steering and touch-screen controls as standard. Moving up to the SE brings standard sat-nav, a rear parking camera and heated and cooled front seats.