Lexus RC 2019 RHD dashboard

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Manufacturer price from:£38,815
What Car? Target Price£36,449
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Interior finishes are mostly of the high standard we’ve come to expect from Lexus and there’s a definite feeling of luxury inside, although the dizzying array of trims won't suit all tastes. Likewise, there are a few scratchy plastics that would feel more at home in a £20,000 hatchback than a luxury coupé. At least these are mostly found in areas you won’t touch too often.

The sculpted leather seats are firm but supportive and front-seat occupants will find it easy to get comfy. Over-the-shoulder visibility is a bit limited due to the shallow rear screen, but large door mirrors help, and all models come with front and rear parking sensors as standard.

Infotainment is taken care of by a 10.3in screen with standard sat nav that’s operated by a laptop-style touchpad. Although it provides haptic feedback so you can feel when you’ve ‘clicked’ on an icon, it's seriously tricky to use on the move. The rotary controller interfaces you’ll find in the RC's Audi A5 and Mercedes C Class Coupe rivals are easier to use and have sharper screen graphics to boot.

Lexus RC 2019 RHD dashboard
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