Lexus RX L review

Passenger & boot space

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Lexus RX L LHD 2019 front centre console
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Passenger & boot space

How it copes with people and clutter

The RX L may have a rather rakish profile for an SUV, but this does little to impact interior space. Up front, there’s plenty of room for tall adults and the interior feels suitably airy. Big, adjustable door pockets, large cupholders and a number of clever storage cubbies mean you won’t be short of places to put your phone or other paraphernalia.

In the middle row, there’s room for three full-sized adults, but the middle passenger will have less head room than the others due to the higher-set middle perch. Legroom isn’t particularly impressive, either – it can get pretty uncomfortable for those with longer  legs; kneecaps can end up digging into the plastic front seatbacks. With no central tunnel in the floor, though, at least the centre occupant will have plenty of foot space.

A unique feature of the RX L is its sliding rear seats – not only the middle row, but also the rearmost one. However, even with the rearmost seats slid all the way to the back to maximise passenger space, the RX L should really be approached as a five-seater with two occasional seats. For a luxury SUV that really can be described as suitable to carry seven adults, have a look at the Land Rover Discovery.

Still, to accommodate the third row of seats, the RX L is longer than the regular RX, and this has added to its versatility in other ways. Boot capacity has risen by about 50 litres: roughly enough for one extra carry-on suitcase. There’s very little space for luggage with all seven seats in use, but you can slide the middle and third row of seats forwards to liberate some extra luggage space at the expense of leg room for passengers. There are plenty of hooks and tethering points to stop luggage from rolling around, and you get a 12V outlet in the boot. It’s ideal to power a portable vacuum cleaner after returning from a summer trip with the kids.

Lexus RX L LHD 2019 rear seats
Lexus RX L LHD 2019 head-on view
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