Used Lexus SC430 Open 2001 - 2009 review

Category: Convertible

Section: Ownership cost

2001 - 2009 review
Lexus SC430 Open (01 - 09)
  • Lexus SC430 Open (01 - 09)
  • Lexus SC430 Open (01 - 09)
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Ownership cost

What used Lexus SC sports will I get for my budget?

How much does it cost to run a Lexus SC sports?

Lexus' reputation for strong reliability has kept second-hand prices high. And, these strong residuals should continue, so if you do invest in a SC430 you won't be too disappointed when you come to resell.

Servicing costs are not prohibitive: parent company Toyota has tried to keep its hourly labour rates down, but you can expect Lexus parts to set you back a pretty penny. And, with carbon dioxide emissions of 287g/km, it's in the highest band for Vehicle Excise Duty.

Fuel consumption is what you might expect from a 155mph, 4.3-litre engine: if you're lead-footed, you get 17.3mpg; on long stretches, you might get over 30mpg, but the combined fuel consumption figure of 24mpg is more realistic.