Lexus UX 250h E4 2.0 Takumi 5dr CVT Review

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Lexus UX 2019 front tracking shot

The hybrid-powered Lexus UX could be an interesting alternative to established premium family SUVs, with distinctive looks and a very efficient hybrid system. However, it's only the promise of good fuel economy, cheap company car tax, and Lexus's excellent reliability that appeal. The driving experience is so-so, the infotainment system is poor, while practicality is shocking for a family SUV when it comes to rear-seat and boot space. As a result it's impossible to recommend over a petrol or diesel powered Volvo XC40 or Range Rover Evoque, and if you want a hybrid SUV you'd be better off with a larger Toyota RAV4 for the same money.

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Trim: Takumi

Takumi spec favours comfort and convenience over sportiness. It brings a bigger, 10.3in infotainment display with a DVD player and upgraded sound system, as well as a head-up display, leather upholstery and a sunroof. However, it costs so much that we could never recommend paying anything approaching list price for one.

Engine: 250h 2.0

The 2.0-litre petrol engine and an electric motor produce a combined power output of 182bhp. It's not a plug-in hybrid, so it can't do a vast range using just its battery power, but it will go for extended periods using the electric motor alone in stop-start traffic — making it a very quiet companion indeed. It's not quick when running on electricity, but fast enough for tootling along in town, but out on the open road when the petrol engine cuts in it delivers plenty of poke. In fact, it's quicker than a Range Rover Evoque D180 diesel, and a match for faster rivals, such as the Volvo Xc40 D4. 

Key information

0-62 MPH8.7 seconds
Fuel TypePetrol/Electric Hybrid
MPGOfficial overall fuel economy figure


Urban: N/AMotorway: N/A
Boot CapacityHow much space is there?



EmissionsOfficial emissions rating