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V6 +2 2dr

  • Overall verdict 5/5
  • What it's like to drive 5/5
  • Running costs 3/5
  • Quality 4/5
  • Average MPG 12000 mpg

Have had my Evora for 4 months now and still delighted with it. I looked at many difference options when choosing this car; every thing from Range Rovers and XKs to various Porsche and Merc options, but decided the Lotus was a bit different. It is my 'driving to work' car so needs to be easy to live with and a little bit practical, and it is. Its not an out and out racer, but has decent punch and is the best car I've ever driven round corners (including Porsche and Ferrari's) - handling and grip are superb (check out its track times - punches way above its weight), real drivers will love this car. The rear seat is pretty much a luggage shelf (but don't underestimate the value of that in a car like this) and the SatNav is way to overcomplicated, but that is not why you buy a Lotus.

Mark Vasey, Herts, February 13th 2012

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