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MAZDA 3 Hatchback 2.0 SE-L 5dr

If you’re a private buyer, this Mazda 3 2.0 120 SE-L has the engine to go for. Stick with cheaper SE trim, though.

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Diesel power brings useful levels of torque – enough for this to feel comfortably the fastest model in the line-up. Its CO2 emissions and economy are strong, too, although it&#39;s disappointing that it doesn&#39;t dip beneath 100g/km. The trade-off is refinement; the diesel rumble never disappears, even when the motor warms up.
This super-efficient diesel model is a good choice for company car buyers, as it’s very cheap for company car tax, and is perfectly peppy enough to satisfy in normal real world use. Private buyers should look to the 2.2, though, as it’s much more potent for not much more cash, and will still deliver very good economy.
2.0 165
While this engine has more power than the 120, it&#39;s a lot more expensive and still has to be revved hard to get the best from it. It has considerably higher CO2 emissions, too, and is available with only the expensive Sport Nav trim level.
This normally aspirated petrol motor doesn&#39;t have the low-down shove that you get in turbocharged rivals, but it revs freely and smoothly, and quietens down once you&#39;re up to speed. Impressive CO2 and fuel economy for a petrol, too.

Miles per gallon

Official fuel economy figure

48.7-74.3 mpg

CO2 Emissions

Official emissions rating

107-99 g/km

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Boot capacity

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1263 litres

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