Mazda 6 Hatchback (02 - 07)

Used Mazda 6 Hatchback 2002 - 2007 review

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(2002 - 2007)
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What's the used Mazda 6 hatchback like?

This is a good-looking family hatch that delivers on all fronts, and it should stay bullet-proof provided you service it properly - and the previous owner did the same.

Older Mazdas may have had dull bodies and cabins, but this is one handsome beast. Inside, too, the quality of the materials is impressive and the workmanship among the best.

It's also nicely set up to drive - the steering is direct and the handling tidy. The ride's generally comfortable, too - although it's a bit firm at low speeds, it settles nicely when you pick up the pace. And, refinement isn't too bad, either: the cabin is hushed, even on the motorway, although - with any engine - some engine noise intrudes when you work it hard.

The driver's seat suits all shapes and sizes, while forward vision is good. The view out of the back, however, is nipped by the high bootline, making reversing tricky.

Space is generous for the passengers, and the seats drop quickly and simply if you need to extend the already sizeable boot.