Used Mercedes-Benz A-Class MPV 2005 - 2012 review

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2005 - 2012 review
Mercedes-Benz A-Class MPV (05 - 12)
  • Mercedes-Benz A-Class MPV (05 - 12)
  • Mercedes-Benz A-Class MPV (05 - 12)
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Advice for buyers

What should I look for in a used Mercedes A Class hatchback?

The latest A-Class hasn't been out that long, so its reliability is hard to judge accurately because there's still very little data on the car.

We can say, though, that the old A-Class had a shocking record, especially when you consider that it is made by a premium brand. Faults were incredibly common, and at over £500 for the average repair bill, it was also very pricey to fix.

We've seen a marked improvement in Mercedes reliability in the last couple of years, though, so hopefully the new A-Class will continue the improvement. It needs to.

Because the old car had problems with suspension and electrical faults, it would be wise to get these looked over on the new version. However, there's just not enough data at the moment to say whether these are problem areas on the new one, so the best advice for now is to have a pre-purchase inspection.

What are the most common problems with a used Mercedes A Class hatchback?

Is a used Mercedes A Class hatchback reliable?