Used Mercedes-Benz A-Class 2013 - 2018 review

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(2013 - 2018)
Used Mercedes-Benz A-Class 13-present
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Which used Mercedes A Class hatchback should I buy?

We’d keep things simple on the engine front and try to seek out an A180, which is a more refined choice than the diesels, if not so economical. If you’re planning on doing lots of miles, go with the A180d, but you’ll have to put up with its unruly engine tone.

As far as trim goes, we’d go for entry-level SE, since it provides the most comfortable suspension set-up of the range and a good selection of standard goodies. If you’re lucky, it might come with some useful options added, too.

Our favourite Mercedes-Benz A-Class: A180 SE

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Used Mercedes-Benz A-Class 13-present
Used Mercedes-Benz A-Class 13-present
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