Used Mercedes-Benz CLA 13-present

Used Mercedes-Benz CLA 2013-present review

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What used Mercedes CLA-Class coupe will I get for my budget?

Prices for the CLA start at around £13,000 for a high-mileage diesel model from 2013. If you increase your budget to just over £19,000, there are lots of 2015 and 2016 examples with 20,000-30,000 miles.

If you want something a bit newer, a 2017 CLA 220 Sport with roughly 10,000 miles can be found for around £22,000. The high-performance Mercedes-AMG CLA 45 is pricey – used examples that have a full-service history and reasonable mileage cost around £26,500.

Used Mercedes-Benz CLA 13-present

How much does it cost to run a Mercedes CLA-Class coupe?

The diesels are the cheapest to run in terms of fuel and road tax costs. The CLA 200d is the best, at 64.2mpg and £30 tax, but the more powerful CLA 220d isn’t that far off at 62.8mpg and £30 tax. Upgrades made in 2016 reduced those figures to 67.3mpg and £20 road tax for both the CLA 200d and CLA 220d.

The petrol models aren’t quite so cheap to run because only the entry-level CLA 180 manages 50.4mpg and costs £130 to tax. The CLA 250 drops down to 42.8mpg and up to £195 per year. That might not sound too bad, but when you consider that the much faster CLA 45 is quite close to the CLA 250 on running costs, at 39.8mpg and £195 tax, you start to wonder why the CLA 250 is so thirsty.

If you purchase a CLA that was registered after 1 April 2017, it will cost you £140 per year to tax, regardless of which engine it has. But be warned. Some top-of-the-range CLA 250s and all of the CLA 45s will attract the additional £310 tax that's applied to cars that cost over £40,000 when new and continues to do so until the car reaches six years of age.

Servicing won’t be cheap and Mercedes doesn’t offer fixed price servicing once the car is over three years old. If you want to reduce your costs, head to a respected independent specialist, which will do the same work as a main dealer but for much less money.


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