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What used Mercedes CLS coupe will I get for my budget?

Prices for a used Mercedes CLS at the time of writing start at £38,000 for a 350d AMG Line, but prices are changing relatively rapidly, because this is still a fairly new model. Use our free valuation tool to make sure you're getting the best CLS deal. 

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How much does it cost to run a Mercedes CLS coupe?

The CLS is pretty evenly matched with its closest rivals in terms of daily fuel costs. The most economical according to the official WLTP figures is the 300d, with 45.6mpg. Both the six-cylinder 350d and 400d have a figure of 41.5mpg.

Petrol models are rather more powerful, but mild hybrid technology is fitted to all versions helps to boost efficiency. The four-cylinder 350 has a combined average of 36.2mpg, while the six-cylinder, four-wheel-drive 450 manages 34.0mpg. If you want the hotter AMG 53, this figure drops to 31.0mpg.

Road tax will be pricey, though, since every CLS costs more than £40,000 when new and will attract the highest rate of tax until the car is more than six years old. To find out more about the current road tax costs, click here.

Servicing costs at a franchised Mercedes dealership will hurt your wallet, because routine maintenance is considerably pricier than it is for other premium brands. At the time of writing, expect to pay £816 for two services, £1124 for three and £1632 for four. To put that into context, two services for an Audi under three years old will cost £468 for engines up to and including 2.0-litre models or £594 for anything above that.

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Mercedes CLS dashboard
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