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Mercedes-Benz E-Class Estate (02 - 06) review

(2002 - 2006)
Mercedes-Benz E-Class Estate (02 - 06)
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What used Mercedes-Benz E-Class estate will I get for my budget?

How much does it cost to run a Mercedes-Benz E-Class estate?

It is expensive to buy - but second-hand prices are high because it's an excellent car and there's plenty of demand for it.

That will work in your favour when you resell, because the E-Class estate holds its value very well, and you shouldn't underestimate the importance of its sluggish depreciation. When you flog it on, it will repay the initial premium it commanded - and probably more besides - compared with less prized estates.

The fuel bill on diesels (35-38mpg) and smaller petrols (30mpg) is reasonable, while insurance costs will be lower than for a BMW 5 Series, similar to an Audi A6 Avant's and higher than a Volvo V70's.

However, service costs are less competitive - the BMW will be slightly cheaper, the V70 and A6 noticeably less.

However, you can hack the labour bill by as much as half by going to a specialist independent instead of a Mercedes dealer, according to Warranty Direct.