Mercedes-AMG G63

Mercedes-AMG G63 review

Space & practicality
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Space & practicality

How it copes with people and clutter

As with so many of us, the G63 has got larger as it’s got older. This second-generation model is both longer and wider to offer more room for passengers and their luggage. Up front, there’s ample width, so you’re not bashing elbows with the door or your passenger, plus there’s tonnes of head room, even with the standard electric sunroof.

Move to the rear and space is okay but far from outstanding in a class that includes the Bentley Bentayga and big Range Rover. Head room remains exceptional – enough for occupants to wear top hats if they felt like it – and there’s plenty of width for three. Even better for the central passenger, there’s no big hump in the floor to straddle.

However, it's leg room that's the compromise. There's enough for a six-footer to sit behind another, but unlike the G63's luxury rivals, there's not the room to stretch out. And if you’re after a seven-seater, you’ll need to look elsewhere.

Seating flexibility is fairly standard. The rear bench has a 60/40 split and, thanks to a tilt-up seat base, the back lies fairly flat when it's folded down. There is, however, a big step from the boot floor to the folded rear bench that makes loading long items a faff. There’s also no way to slide the rear bench to prioritise boot space or rear leg room. Still, with a 667-litre boot (much better than the Bentayga’s boot but some way short of the Porsche Cayenne’s), there should be enough room for all but the biggest Harrods shop.

Mercedes-AMG G63
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