Used Mercedes-Benz M-Class 12-15

Used Mercedes-Benz M-Class 2012-2015 review

Ownership cost

(2012 - 2015)
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What used Mercedes M Class 4x4 will I get for my budget?

Shop around and you might find an M-Class for as low as £17,000; this would be for an average-mileage car with a full history, bought from a trader or privately. Spending between £18,000 and £20,000 should net you a 2013 or even 2014 car with the same criteria, while £20,000-£25,000 will bring good 2014-2015 cars from an independent dealer. Expect to pay upwards of £30,000 for an ML63 in good condition.

Used Mercedes-Benz M-Class 12-15

How much does it cost to run a Mercedes M Class 4x4?

If it’s the ML63 – a lot. Its claimed average fuel consumption figure is just 23.5mpg. More impressive is the ML250, which has a claimed average of 46.3mpg, with corresponding CO2 emissions of 159g/km – that's remarkably good for something that carries so much heft. The ML350 has a claimed 39.2mpg – likewise impressive for something that has plenty of punch.

Annual car tax is based on CO2 emissions for cars of this age and will be high for all models – and in excess of £500 a year for the ML63. Insurance groups start at a high 41 and go up to top-of-the-group 50, so expect big bills there, too.

Servicing is also expensive, although parts are readily available and found in several other Mercedes models. For cars more than three years old, you might find it better to take your car to a specialist independent servicing outlet rather than the main dealer network, because this will defintely be the cheaper option.


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