Used Mercedes-Benz V-Class MPV 1996 - 2004 review

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1996 - 2004 review
Mercedes-Benz V-Class MPV (96 - 04)
  • Mercedes-Benz V-Class MPV (96 - 04)
  • Mercedes-Benz V-Class MPV (96 - 04)
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Our recommendations

Which used Mercedes V-Class estate should I buy?

There's only really one answer to this question - avoid the petrols and go for the diesel.

The 2.3-litre 143bhp petrol engine from the old E-Class struggles and wheezes to shift the V-Class's considerable bulk and only gives 24mpg fuel economy. The 2.8-litre V6 with 174bhp offers a more powerful alternative, but returns an appalling 21mpg. So, pretty much by default, that only leaves the 2.2-litre diesel, badged 220 CDI, giving a half-decent 35mpg.

However, you've still got to floor the throttle to get anywhere, and the same is true in the 2.3. Driving any V-Class isn't a peaceful experience, and you really notice the coarseness of the 2.2 and 2.3 if you have the four-speed automatic gearbox, which was an option on those two models and standard on the V6.

Trend is the basic trim, while Fashion gets a special velour upholstery and Ambient adds leather, cruise control and wooden inserts on the door and dashboard.

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